Bro. Brian Stanley is the Youth Pastor here at Calvary. He has a desire to see the youth of the church willingly surrender their lives to the Lord. He teaches our Youth Sunday School Class as well as plans and runs all activities for the Youth Program. He also leads our Youth Choir that we have available for those from age 7 to 30.
“I am so excited to be a part of this great ministry. We look forward to everything that the Lord has in store for our family as we work with the youth of the church. Come and see what the Lord is doing here at Calvary. One of the best things for a young person to do at church is to participate in whatever is available. We try our best to offer what we can for the young person but our main goal is to get them to a place where they desire to serve God on an individual basis. We hope to see you soon! Please reach out to us at the office if you have any questions.”
Please come and be apart of a wonderful group where we engage in many events!
Here are some examples of what we participate in here at Calvary Baptist Church:
Youth Rallies
Youth Camp Meetings 
Youth Choir
Youth Activities
Exciting Summer Camps
Special events at the church through out the year