Welcome ! My name is Bro. Dermont Crabtree. I am the Assistant Pastor for theYoung At Heart Ministry here at Calvary. This is a ministry to the Senior Adults from ages 50 and up. (Junior Young at Heart 50-64 and Senior Young at Heart 65 and up) There are many who don’t like to be referred to as Senior Adults because, even though the passing of years may take it’s toll on the body, the heart is still young, thus the name Young at Heart.
We thank God for His strength given throughout the years and we’re only as old as our heart allows. “Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagles.” Psalm. 103:5. We believe that this age group is often overlooked or neglected by many, but is vitally important for the strength and stability of any growing church. These folks have such a wealth of knowledge and experience of God’s wonderful and mighty works that so desperately need to be shared with the next generation.
Through home, hospital and rest home visitation programs, prayer breakfasts, film fellowships, activities and trips, we try to encourage our adults to remain active in serving the Lord and to be useful in His work. We should never retire but re-fire and do all we can for the cause of Christ. As long as there is breath in our bodies, we must give our all for Him, for He gave His all for us.