One of the most exciting ministries of Calvary Baptist Church is the Children’s Ministry, directed by Bro. Justin Woolledge. Jesus saw the children as an important area of ministry for He said in Mark 10:14, “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” Our goal at Calvary is to teach the children about Jesus as our one and only way to heaven and then train them as disciples.

Every Sunday Morning, children from four to twelve years old are invited to Super Church. This is the service held especially for the children at 11:00 am. It is a time of preaching, singing, memorization of Bible memory verses, and playing educational games.

Each week a Bible message is preached to the children. It is often a message including visual illustrations and thrilling storytelling. The purpose of the message is to present Jesus as the only Savior and to show the need to live a godly life after the child becomes a Christian. The messages are easy to understand and are practical for daily living.
Each week a Bible memory verse is also practiced. One verse is usually covered over the course of several weeks to ensure each child has adequate time to memorize it and also learn what the verse truly means. Songs tailored for children are sung each week during Super Church. Classic favorites such as “Jesus Loves Me” and “Jesus Loves the Little Children” are sung as well as new songs such as “Apple Red Happiness” and “My God is so Big”. Energetic and active songs keep the children’s interest and keep them involved.



We also have a puppet ministry during most Super church meetings to keep them on their toes with Kid James leading the pack.


Every Wednesday night at 7:30, our Patch the Pirate Clubs meet. The children enjoy activities, crafts and lessons with Patch the Pirate, learning new songs and the Word of God.

We don’t want your children to miss out on all of the excitement at Calvary Baptist Church. Join us for Super Church on Sunday morning and for Patch the Pirate on Wednesday night at 7:30pm.